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Results Roadmap: 8 Steps to Turn Ambition into Action | Part 2 - Activate

January 12, 20244 min read


"The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
 — Thomas Edison.

Step 3. Conduct a Powerful, Positive Reality Check 

It’s pretty safe to say that pretty much no one has “everything” they need when they start. Or even when going from one step to another. A valuable perspective is when you know your best guess at your steps, your destination, and are fully holding your high-vibe mission and purpose (your Why) in your heart and are starting taking micro-steps, the How will show up. Taking action creates new options. Obstacles do actually become stepping stones and opportunities for growth, learning, and receiving help and mentorship. So don’t worry too much about having to have everything perfect. 

Uplift Tip: Allow yourself to go with “perfectly imperfect”. Assess current resources, skills, and potential challenges. Approach this evaluation with a constructive, neutral mindset. There is no right/wrong or good/bad in this exercise. Just make a list and assess your current resources and position with clarity and honesty.

This is a pivotal moment where we pause and reflect - sometimes on the fly. By acknowledging your inner wisdom, natural strengths, cultivated skills and areas for growth, you’re equipping yourself with the insights needed to navigate effectively. Plus, as you move forward, you’ll be getting real-time feedback and willingness to do a neutral, centered reality check will make it easy to optimistically course-correct. This is the Art of Pivoting. You’ll still reach your destination (unless you pick a new one) but with far less stress.

Step 4. Craft an Inspired Strategic Plan Grounded in Positive Energy and Pragmatic Awareness.

You’ve already sketched out your main objectives in Step 2. Designing a Inspired Strategic Plan for this journey is much like joyfully coloring in your roadmap, inspiring yourself with your imagination and positive energy while pragmatically assessing your options and capacity.   

Begin with the end destination in clear view and then work backward, envisioning the journey's path. At the outset, your roadmap might be a simple outline of objectives, capturing the essential milestones. However, as you make progress and gather momentum, you can enrich and detail it further. Dive into outlining actionable steps and set achievable timelines, ensuring each aspect aligns with your overarching objectives. To fortify your plan, go beyond just action steps and milestones. Infuse it with positive affirmations. Layer in and list your strengths, resources or leadership qualities you’ll use to flow forward.  

Uplift Tip: While the whole Strategic Plan can inspire you, taking small steps and constantly shifting your mental and emotional state, is the key to getting your vision into reality. When overwhelmed at any stage, visualize the elation and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel at your next destination. Let this emotion fill you and energize you. With your evolving roadmap in hand, pinpoint one straightforward action you can initiate immediately. Every step, no matter how small, propels you forward. By grounding yourself in positive anticipation and taking consistent actions, you not only pave the way for meaningful progress, you get to enjoy your journey in a fulfilling and meaningful way.  

Step 5. Strengthen Your Support Systems and Nourish Positive Strategic Relationships

Surround yourself with individuals who uplift and inspire you. Seek mentorship, join supportive communities, and collaborate with like-minded peers to amplify your high-vibration energy.

Creating and generating with like-minded journeyers makes all the difference. There is no need at all to be all alone when you have the option of cultivating relationships with travel companions. Have you even had an amazing experience of being in a group, on a team, in a mastermind or in a community where the heavy lifting was shared and the shared energy and enthusiasm kept growing? Whether you have one mentor or participate in groups, surrounding yourself with individuals who share your aspirations and values can completely shift how you feel and how quickly you progress. Even if you’re an introvert, there are so many ways to connect with others who are growth-minded - on and offline.  Support, camaraderie, new perspectives, resources and invaluable insights are yours to experience. Together, you can exchange ideas, celebrate milestones, and navigate challenges collaboratively. 

If, like all of us at Upliftologie, are truly heart-centered, you’re uplifted by giving to others. You may even find it easier to give than to receive. If this is you, you’ll find it highly beneficial to stretch yourself and allow yourself to receive. Taking a deep breath and knowing when to ask for help makes all the difference. 

Whether it's joining a supportive community, brainstorming with a friend, joining a mastermind group, or investing in mentorship, connecting with fellow journeyers truly amplifies your collective energy and enriches everyone.

Uplift Tip: Choose co-creation over competition. In a high-vibration space, collaboration amplifies success. Embrace the power of collective energy, recognizing that together, creating from a state of high frequency, you can achieve transformative outcomes more harmoniously and joyfully. You’ll be flowing forward with ease, grace and joy, encouraging relationships and contributing to a  community culture where reciprocal giving uplifts all. 

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