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Results Roadmap: 8 Steps to Turn Ambition into Action | Part 3 - Enjoy Abundance

January 12, 20244 min read


“You are the creator of your own reality.” — Esther Hicks 

Step 6. Take Consistent, Inspired Action

In this step, we harness the Power of Intentional Actions. As we journey forward, every action we take sends ripples into the universe, shaping our path and influencing outcomes. It's crucial to approach each step with intentionality and purpose. You can begin to practice this by setting clear intentions about how you desire to lead yourself and others on the path to achieving your overarching purpose-driven goals. Next, set intentions for every step. In this mindful state, you can ask yourself, is this decision - or this action - resonating with me? Am I clear? It this authentic for me? When you get a yes, take action immediately. Even a tiny step. Get in your inspired action groove!  By cultivating a practice of intentional actions, you not only navigate your journey with greater precision and focus but also exponentially amplify the impact of your efforts. Check inside… is your inner wisdom affirming that every intentional step you take with conviction and clarity is naturally propelling you closer to realizing your dreams? To living your life with more alignment, prosperity, purpose and joy?  

Step 7. Assess Progress with Positive Reflection

In Step 7 of your Results Roadmap, your 3 keys are embracing Adaptability, Resilience, and Choice. By now you’re seeing the patterns repeat. You are constantly, consciously course correcting. You are accessing your inner knowing and feeling into what is right in this moment. You are taking action - even when you don’t really feel like it. You are generating results and starting to accept that somethings work, somethings don’t. Course correcting has become natural while you keep your eye on the destination, heart-centered on results and keep on taking inspired action even when unimagined challenges show up. 

In these moments, if a challenge arises, affirm your adaptability.  Remember your resilience. And make a conscious choice about your next action. You have the opportunity to act rather than react. 

Uplift Tip: Find you own language, affirmation or mantra that helps you remind yourself  that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning. Maybe you choose to call it a “learning experience”. Maybe you affirm “I am open to the possibility that this challenge is helping me grow… even though it feels horrible and I can’t see how in this moment.” While it may not always feel like it, you always have a choice to reconnect with your inner power, uplift your vibration and consciously respond. That’s mastery.  The ongoing practice, not the concept. 

Step 8. Celebrate Progress and Cultivate Gratitude!

Do you sometimes hit a goal then carry right on, getting to your next thing instead of pausing? Here’s an Results Roadmap step that will uplift you and assist you to stay inspired long-term. The step?  Celebrate Progress and Cultivate Gratitude! 

It’s essential to pause and reflect upon the milestones we've achieved and the growth we've experienced along the way. Growth on all levels.  Please, give yourself permission to pause and celebrate your progress, no matter how small, as each step taken brings you closer to your desired destination. Even when, at times it feels like you’ve gone backwards instead of forwards… pause and acknowledge yourself and those you’re traveling with. You’re expanding your capacity to consciously create and stay on your path to ever more awareness, joy, and abundance. And you are not alone…

We’re all expanding our capacity to honour what is and course-correct, activating and generating a positive and enriching experience. As travellers, we get to deeply know that realizing our goals is as much about the inner transformation and growth as it is about the external milestones reached. 

Uplift Tip: Keep a Gratitude Journal. Taking a few moments daily to note what you’re thankful for (no matter now small) will amplify and sustain your positivity… which in turn accelerates manifestation. Be sure to pause and really feel grateful. It’s amazing and powerful! This daily practice not only uplifts your spirits but also deepens your connection with your vision, your goals and strengthens your faith in your ability to consciously create with ease, grace and joy. 


In your pursuit of visioning your next destination, achieving results, hitting your goals, we recommend remembering that the journey holds as much value as the destination itself. Or, like us, you may sometimes get caught up in the fast flow and doing - especially when it feels like you’re manifesting effortlessly. If you’re a visionary, guide or healer, you may lean into the high-frequency energy or positive mindset and go into fight, flight or freeze when faced with actually carrying out your strategic steps. Both elements are essential, so we encourage you to notice both the Energetic and Pragmatic Elements: how you are being and self-leading; and how you’re goal-getting and achieving specific results as you actualize your goals.

Before you know it, you’ll be back at Step 1, upleveling and customizing your Results Roadmap, course-correcting and dreaming into and envisioning your next destination. Then you’ll once again define your clear objectives, update your strategic plan, embrace support from those around you and continue to empower yourself and face challenges with resilience and curiosity. You’ll be successfully reaching your goals but also embracing the growth, fulfillment, and joy that come with the journey.

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